Below you will find a link to allow you to view a recent Robotics Video featuring the programs in the Zanesville area for student involvement in STEM education.  The program started at Zanesville High School under the direction of Dr. Bill Stewart and is currently under the direction of Mr. Rick Mohler of the Zanesville High School Faculty.

Zanesville Schools have had exceptional growth and have expanded into a competitive league for area teams.  Many involved students choose to pursue rigorous STEM college majors and have entered the workforce with competitive skills for their engineering and science careers.  It is exciting to see local talent develop into potential new employees for new and expanding business. We are fortunate to a world-class STEM experiences available for the children in our community and over the years, hopefully, students from our schools can return to our area and create businesses or support established companies as productive Associates.

Click HERE to watch the video.  Thank you to Dr. William Stewart for the submission of this video, the information on the program, and his ongoing support for the education of our community’s youth!