2020 Port News

  • According to Site Selection’s Governor’s Cup final 2019 rankings, Zanesville was named the No. 6 Micropolitan in the United States. A Micropolitan community is defined as having population between 10,000 – 50,000 and covers at least one county.

    Throughout the year, the Port Authority submits information on new investment, new projects, and job creation to JobsOhio. It is then compiled by JobsOhio and sent on to Conway Data, Inc. to track in comparison to other communities on the national level.

    AMG Vanadium’s decision to locate their second facility in Muskingum County played a huge part in this year’s rankings and we are excited about their future in our community. Other large projects in 2019 took place at Dollar General, Halliburton, Kenworth, and ABB Leasing.

    To read more about the state, metropolitans, and micropolitans that earned ranking, visit www.siteselection.com.

    To read the Zanesville Times Recorder article about ranking, visit https://www.zanesvilletimesrecorder.com/story/news/2020/03/08/business-publication-recognizes-zanesville-business-investment-growth/4937655002/

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  • According to Zanesville-Muskingum County Port Authority data, Muskingum County has experienced an overall positive employment increase since the start of the decade. The Port Authority’s work to attract employers started early in the decade, with the arrival of AVON and Halliburton at the Eastpointe Business Park in 2010 and 2012, respectively. These two businesses now account for ~1,400 employees.

    Also in 2012, Fanatics purchased building F in the East Central Ohio Park near Frazeysburg. With over 300 full-time employees and 1,000 seasonal jobs, Fanatics has been a tremendous boost to the County’s economy.

    Although manufacturing took a hit over the decade, both the transportation/warehousing and accommodation/food services industries grew by over 500 jobs in the last 10 years. That growth is demonstrated through expansions by Mattingly, Kellogg’s and Phillips Meat Processing over the past decade.

    “What we’re seeing is the existing companies have made decisions to expand here, which is very healthy and what you want to have happen, and I think our role in economic development, number one, is to try to maintain the businesses and companies that we do have here,” said Matt Abbott, executive director for the Port Authority. “It’s not been a perfect scenario, there have been some losses.”

    Along with Fyda Freightliner’s arrival and a significant expansion by 5 B’s during the back half of the decade, AMG Vanadium made a $300 million investment to bring a production facility to the Eastpointe Business Park and 100 new jobs with it.

    Having a site ready to house a company is a crucial piece in the puzzle of attracting businesses.

    “We’ve had sites for these companies to come in and locate, and a site’s just not a flat piece of ground, it requires water capacity, sewer capacity, capacity for electricity, gas, connectivity to fiber, good access,” Abbott said.

    Abbott credited the investment made by the community years before the decade began with the creation of the Eastpointe Business Park, and noted the returns it continues to bring about 20 years later. Over the past decade, investment into necessary infrastructure has continued to support business growth.

    “When we look at companies that are looking to come here and [AMG] recently made the decision to come here, and their capacity, they needed 100,000 gallons a day. If they ask for 100,000 gallons of water in a day and I have the ability to tell them that’s no problem, that is really a feather in our cap when it comes to the process,” Abbott said. “They’re not looking for communities to locate in, they’re looking for communities to cross off the list to narrow their search down, so when we’re able to portray that kind of capacity, it’s to our favor, and we’re going to win projects as a result.”

    AMG, Dollar General and Avon are located at Eastpointe Business Park, where there’s a Joint Economic Development District. Abbott said the city invested in the site, the county provides water and sewer and the land is located in Washington Township. The JEDD encourages economic development between the municipalities, while allowing them each to collect returns on investment through tax revenue.

    “We’ve done, as a community, a pretty good job of investing dollars in a wise manner to fit the needs of companies coming in, and I think over time we have seen the wins that this community has received as a result of decisions that have been made,” Abbott said.

    In 2018, the Port Authority purchased 203 acres of land for nearly $3 million to start another business park, National Road Business Park. According to Abbott, the purchase was partially funded by JEDD revenue, which continues to allow the Port Authority and municipalities to spur additional growth. The Port Authority hopes to break ground at the site in spring of 2020.

    “Infrastructure’s huge, you can’t downplay that, and that’s where you see a lot of communities fall short,” Abbott said. “It’s not easy for someone to make a decision that we’re gonna spend, say, $2 million to run this water line here or $3 million to upgrade this sewer line. Those are difficult decisions to make when you’re making those choices with taxpayer dollars, but there has to be a place where we can begin with the end in mind.”

    Abbott said the Port Authority has attracted nearly $700 million in investment to the area, and that success is slated to continue in 2020 and beyond.

    “I feel, right now, we’re in a very strong position when it comes to our economic well-being in Muskingum County and the City of Zanesville. Now, saying that, there is room for improvement and there’s room for growth,” Abbott said. “Things look positive, there’s no roadblocks that we see in the near future as far as our economic growth is concerned.”

    You can read the full Times Recorder article about the growth of Muskingum County by clicking here.

  • The Zanesville-Muskingum County Port Authority helped attract about $650 million in county-wide industrial investment, with $84 million being invested inside the Zanesville city limits.

    “We have the ability to create jobs whether it’s in the city or the county, but if it’s outside in the county specifically, there are things within the city that stand to benefit,” said Matt Abbott, Port Authority executive director. “There might not be an industrial factory put in the downtown area of the City of Zanesville, but people are going to be coming for healthcare, people are going to be coming because we’re a regional retail hub as well, and I think you see that with the retail development that’s taken place within our community.”

    Regionally, Zanesville is a major hub for healthcare, as Genesis is the largest provider in a six-county region. In 2013, ground was broken for Genesis and the community raised about $16 million to help pay for the new facility, which consolidated the Bethesda and Good Samaritan Hospital campuses. A more than $200 million investment, the hospital strengthened the city’s commitment to health care, added jobs in the health care industry and equipped the city to care for more regional patients.

    “We are the regional hub for health care, and that cannot be downplayed with Genesis healthcare system in our community,” Abbott said. “That is something that should never be overlooked, the power of the high-caliber healthcare system that we do have, employing around 3,000 people.”

    The city of Zanesville is also a regional hub for retail trade and accommodation/food services industries, employ the second- and fourth-highest percentage of workers in Zanesville. Both industries benefit the community by not only employing workers, but, like the health care sector, by attracting people from outside the county and furthering the city’s reputation as a hub for those services.

    Zanesville City Schools has evolved dramatically in the past decade, starteinga vocational agriculture program, robotics, and E-sports,  programs that weren’t previously possible, according to Assistant Superintendent Steve Foreman.

    “Just having the electrical outlets in the classrooms to support some of the things we’re talking about was impossible, because we didn’t have them,” he said.

    In 2014, Zane State cut the ribbon on its new Advanced Science and Technology Building, and ZSC has since expanded its College Credit Plus Program to local high schools.

    “When their programs improve, we’re basically feeding into their programs, so it helps us. When they become stronger, we become stronger,” Foreman said.

    Going forward, the city is placing an emphasis on trade-based education. After a levy for Mid-East was passed in the fall, the school will moved forward with $13 million in improvements at its Zanesville and Buffalo campuses. ZCS also opened its vocational building this fall. Foreman said he’s been in contact with a number of local businesses and is in the process of forming partnerships with them for programs that will provide training certifications for students and lead to potential internships with area companies.

    “I would say that our offerings to students are greater today than they’ve ever been,” Foreman said. “We’re really working to give students, at the end of their path here with us, more than a diploma, but a skill, a trade, something that they’re interested in that they can go off and do.”

    For Foreman, the improvements to Zanesville’s educational landscape translate to city-wide growth by providing the next generation real world skills.

    “Let’s do those things, because that’s going to benefit those businesses, and it’s going to benefit us, too. We’re giving those kids more than a diploma and we’re changing the culture of Zanesville.”

    The city has also reaped financial benefits of industrial growth in the county, most notably through its Joint Economic Development District agreement in Washington Township — the location of Eastpointe Business Park.  According to Abbott, revenue from that JEDD was used to purchase land in Perry Township for the development of the forthcoming National Road Business Park, where yet another JEDD is in the works.

    “What a JEDD is able to do is allow for elected officials to make decisions and see a ROI (Return on Investment) for community dollars,” Abbott said.

    As for business growth within the city, the Ohio Amended Substitute House Bill No. 166 established the Ohio Opportunity Zone Tax Credit, which offers tax incentives for eligible investments in qualified projects located in Ohio Opportunity Zones. Two opportunity zones were established in Zanesville, one in Putnam and one in the State Street and Lee Street area.

    “Moving forward, there’s some real incentive for the private sector to invest in areas where those are designated,” Abbott said.

    To read the Times Recorder’s full story about Zanesville’s decade of growth, click here.

Archived Port News

2019 Stories

  • The Zanesville Muskingum County Port Authority was awarded a $134,300 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) to be used for the construction of a new waterline at the Eastpointe Business Park. This line will extend service to the new AMG Vanadium site. Once completed, AMG Vanadium’s Eastpointe facility will create 102 new jobs in our community.
    Their new $350 million spent catalyst facility is currently under construction, and is slated to have the first phase of operations running by the second half of 2020.
  • On September 25, 2019, the Ohio Rail Development Commission (ORDC) approved a grant award in the amount of $150,000 to AMG Vanadium located in Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio. This award is part of a $300 million investment by the company that will create 100 new jobs in the area. The project involves more than $1.5 million in rail infrastructure that is required to serve AMG Vanadium’s new site in Zanesville. Construction is expected to be begin this year. Rail service will be provided by Columbus & Ohio River Railroad.

    AMG is the world’s largest resid spent catalyst recycling and metal reclamation company and the largest ferrovanadium producer in the United States. AMG uses a proprietary pyrometallurgical process to recycle waste from global refineries into saleable products for carbon and stainless steel producers. AMG’s ferrovanadium and ferronickel-molybdenum products are used in various applications, including automobiles, bridges, rebar, and kitchen appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators.

    AMG’s Executive Vice President, Tom Centa, said “AMG Vanadium is committed to being the leading hazardous waste processor in the world, converting that waste into valuable products.”

    Matthew Dietrich, Executive Director of the ORDC, said “this project is an excellent example of how best to leverage state funding to assist AMG Vanadium in their expansion efforts. This project provides a regional employer with the transportation options they need at their new facility,” he said.

    ORDC assists Ohio companies and communities in creating and retaining jobs by preserving rail service to existing shippers and providing rail service to new customers.   In addition, the ORDC funds projects to improve railroad-highway grade crossings to increase safety to the traveling public.

  • On Thursday, August 8, AMG Vanadium broke ground for its new Muskingum County spent catalyst recycling plant, located in the EastPointe Business Park.   Joining Company leaders at the event were representatives from federal, state and local offices along with a number of regional business and civic leaders, and AMG customers. 
    AMG Vanadium’s president, Hoy E. Frakes, Jr. states, “We are very pleased to be doubling our spent catalyst recycling capacity and ferroalloy production with the addition of our new Zanesville plant. AMG’s expansion would not have been possible without the strong support and endorsement that we have received from our federal Congressional delegation, the State of Ohio, and our local Muskingum and Guernsey County teams. We look forward to further cementing our presence in Southeastern Ohio.” 
    “This is a great day for Muskingum County. We are excited to welcome AMG Vanadium to the Eastpointe Business Park,” said Matt Abbott, Executive Director of the Zanesville Muskingum County Port Authority. “They have a proven track record in our region of being an excellent, community oriented employer that will benefit our community for years to come.”
    AMG’s Muskingum County plant will create approximately 100 new production and management jobs in addition to 500-600 temporary construction jobs. Construction is slated to begin this summer with completion of Phase I of the project expected by the end of 2020. Overall project completion is expected in 2021. 
  • USA Tealights, LLC, a 20-year old candle manufacturer located in Avenel, New Jersey, has recently formed a new company, United Candle Company LLC, and will begin doing business in Ohio. Major customers include well known brand name retailers, independent retailers and wholesalers, as well as a private label division that makes candles for other companies.

    The Lumi-Lite Candle Company in Muskingum County closed at the end of January and planned to auction all of its assets, but United Candle is buying Lumi-Lite’s equipment, leasing their building and moving manufacturing from New Jersey to Ohio to operate as United Candle Company.

    Relocating to Ohio is appealing to USA Tealights for two major reasons: first, they can more quickly expand production since the former Lumi-Lite plant is well designed, equipped and ready to restart after some maintenance and repairs. Second, the cost of operations are significantly less in Ohio compared to where they are now located in northern New Jersey, close to Manhattan.

    United Candle will create 100 new jobs with $4M in new payroll. The company plans to invest $1,815,000 in fixed assets such as new packaging equipment and building upgrades. JobsOhio and the State of Ohio are supporting the project with a $125,000 JobsOhio Grant and a 6-year Jobs Creation Tax Credit.

    “The American consumer is recognizing the advantages of buying products Made In USA by American workers using American raw materials, and Ohio provides the perfect venue to provide a high quality product to this ever growing market”, said Avery Engel, President of the new United Candle Company.

    “We are excited to welcome United Candle Company to Muskingum County,” said Matt Abbott, Executive Director of the Port Authority. “Norwich has had a long, rich history in the candle industry and we are pleased to see it continue.”

    USA Tealights’ strong existing relationships with major customers and real potential for sales growth is driving the need for additional production capacity. Those major buyers prefer to deal with a full-line candle supplier to reduce their number of vendors. As a result, USA Tealights has been making plans to expand from primarily tealight manufacturing into other candle types, such as pillar, votive, taper and filled candles.
    The idled Lumi-Lite machinery and equipment is designed to produce those different types. With this acquisition and relocation, USA Tealights can expand their product line, meet the needs of their existing customers, and grow their sales.

  • The Zanesville Muskingum County Port Authority was awarded 2019 Best Real Estate Project at APEG/API’s First Annual Meeting on June 25 in Cambridge, Ohio. The award was presented for the creation of the National Road Business Park, Muskingum County’s fourth business park, located in Perry Township. The 203 acre Park is slated to begin preliminary site development in 2020. 

    APEG provides economic development assistance to 25 rural counties in Eastern and Southern Ohio. The purpose of the meeting is to share the successes since APEG’s inception and present the final Regional Economic Development Prosperity Plan.

    You can read the article from the Times Recorder by clicking here.

  • AMG Vanadium, the world’s leading provider of resid spent catalyst recycling and metal
    reclamation services, has purchased a site for its second spent catalyst recycling facility
    in Muskingum County’s Eastpointe Business Park. The facility will create approximately 100
    new production and management jobs in addition to 500-600 temporary jobs during
     The first phase of construction is expected to begin later this summer
    and be completed the second half of 2020. Overall project completion, including construction of the
    ferroalloy production facility, is expected in 2021.
    “We are excited to double our presence – and our production – in Southeast Ohio,” said AMG Vanadium President Hoy E. Frakes, Jr. “By expanding within the vicinity of our existing headquarters in Cambridge, we will be able to capitalize on the synergies between the two plants and continue to tap into the talent and work ethic of the people of this region. We are moving forward on this project thanks to the support we have received from the State of Ohio, Muskingum and Guernsey Counties, and all of our public and private sector partners.”
    “June 19th, 2019 is a day that many of us will remember for a long time in Muskingum
    County”, said Cindy Cameron, President of the Muskingum County Commissioners. “With Matt Abbott and Amy Young at the Port Authority, the County Commissioners, the Mayor,and the Washington Township Trustees, we were fortunate to welcome AMG to Eastpointe Business Park and to our community.”
    “This is a great day for Muskingum County. We are excited to welcome AMG Vanadium to the Eastpointe Business Park,” said Matt Abbott, Executive Director of the Zanesville Muskingum County Port Authority. “They have a proven track record in our region of being an excellent, community oriented employer that will benefit our community for years
    to come.”

    You can also read read more media coverage through the Times Recorder by clicking here or WHIZ by clicking here.

  • Pictured (left to right): Dr. Chad Brown, President Zane State College; Dana Matz, President Zanesville Muskingum County Chamber of Commerce; Matt Abbott, Executive Director Zanesville Muskingum County Port Authority; David Stewart, Director of Sale & Executive V.P. Stewart Glapat Corp.; Amy Stewart-Smith, President and C.F.O. Stewart Glapat Corp.; and United States Senator Rob Portman

    The Stewart Glapat Corporation was recognized on Friday April 26th by the Eastern Ohio Development Alliance (EODA) for “Excellence in Technology” at their Quarterly Meeting in Walnut Creek, Ohio. The Stewart Glapat Corporation is a fourth generation, family-owned and operated business that has been designing and manufacturing specialized equipment in Zanesville, OH for 79 years. The company has made it a practice to work with Zane State College and Mid-East Career and Technology Center, both located in Zanesville, Ohio, to recruit employees.
    The Excellence in Technology Award recognizes excellence for entrepreneurs promoting technology including employment growth or job creation, innovation programs involving employees and community projects, new technological expansion, community service encouragement and activities which have resulted in statewide, national or international attention for the region. Regional Representatives served as the selection committee. To be eligible, the nominees were required must be located in the 16 county EODA region.
    Executive Director Matt Abbott emphasized, “It is always exciting and rewarding to see a family owned and operated business receive special recognition.The Stewart Glapat Corporation has not only been providing solid employment opportunities for the area for 80 years, they have embraced our community and continue to make it a better place.”
    The Eastern Ohio Development Alliance is an independent, not-for-profit association of business, industry, organizations, government and individuals dedicated to advocating public/private sector partnerships which stimulate economic development and the overall enhancement of regional quality of life. EODA developed a series of regional awards to recognize excellence in a given pursuit including business startup or growth, employment growth or job creation, innovative programs involving employees and community projects, new product or program development resulting in expansion and community service encouragement. Click here to learn more about EODA.

2018 Stories

  • Executive Director, Matt Abbott, recapped the 2018 accomplishments of the Port Authority at the final Board Meeting of the year.  Muskingum County has seen several multi-million dollar expansion projects, including Creative Packaging and 5B’s, as well as repairs and refurbishments in the works at the Eastpointe Business Park. There were nearly 400 new full-time jobs added in the County in 2018 and over $28M in new investment.

    Looking to the future, Abbott said the development of the new National Road Business Park is something to watch in the future, as groundbreaking is slated for mid-2019.

    To read the Times Recorder’s full article, click here. To view the WHIZ story on the December 2018 Port Authority Board meeting, click here

  • During a recent interview with the Zanesville Times Recorder, Executive Director Matt Abbott discusses the positive outlook for Muskingum County, jobs-wise, in the near future.

    In July, the Port Authority approved the purchase of a 203-acre property in Perry Township, to establish the National Road Business Park, which could house three or four distribution centers.

    Eastpointe and other business parks still have space available, Abbott said, but it is limited.

    “We wanted to start growing capacity for our future and not waiting for the 11th hour when everything’s full,” he said. With a new park offering more space for businesses to enter the county, Abbott is confident in the future of the local job market, thanks to a well-rounded collection of industries. 

    To read the full Times Recorder article, click here

  • On October 4th & 5th, the Port Authority, Chamber of Commerce & Ohio Means Jobs partnered with area manufacturers and local high schools as part National Manufacturing Day. Manufacturing Day is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers and occurs annually on the first Friday in October.
    Students from Zanesville, John Glenn, West Muskingum, Mid-East CTC, Maysville, and Tri-Valley High Schools participated in Manufacturing Day.
    Thank you to AK Steel, Bilco, Stewart Glapat, Plaskolite, Saunders Machine Works, and Mock Woodworking for opening your doors to our community’s youth!
  • The Zanesville Muskingum County Port Authority was selected as the runner-up for the Marketing & Communications medium community category for the Ohio Economic Development Alliance 2018 Annual Excellence Awards.
    The Exceptional Economic Development Marketing and Promotions award recognizes innovative and effective marketing materials used for attracting, retaining and fostering business development as well as communications vehicles used by economic development organizations.

  • After review by the Muskingum County Engineer’s Office, The Shelly Company’s bid of $103,876.90  was the low bid and met all qualifications for the contract for the Jim Granger Drive Repavement Project. The project is anticipated to be completed this fall. 

    There were three bids received; click here to review a detailed breakdown of the bids by company.

  • After review by the Muskingum County Engineer’s Office, Luburgh Inc.’s bid of $368,051.30  was the low bid and met all qualifications for the contract for the EastPointe Drive Slip Repair, MUS-TR723 Road Improvement Project. The project is anticipated to be completed this fall. 

    There were four bids received; click here to review a detailed breakdown of the bids by company.

  • On Tuesday June 26, 2018, the Zanesville-Muskingum County Port Authority (ZMCPA) exercised an option and closed on the purchase of a 203 acre property located in Perry Township.

    The development of the National Road Business Park will truly be a unique, inter-governmental effort, as the funding for purchase and development is being shared jointly between the ZMCPA, Muskingum County and the City of Zanesville. Additionally, we are actively pursuing over $1.25 million in grant dollars to assist with the creation of the park.

    The immediate goal at the National Road Business Park will be developing the 203 acre Greenfield site into a viable location capable of holding a ~1 million square foot facility with sufficient infrastructure in place. Combined with numerous sites for smaller facilities, this will create employment opportunities for the residents of Muskingum County and Southeastern Ohio. The ZMCPA will have the ability to market these sites and better compete for new project leads.

    The ZMCPA identified five different properties in the county for development and felt the Perry Township property would provide the best opportunities for future growth. With easy access and visibility from I-70, availability of utilities and workforce, this location could easily become Muskingum County’s newest viable business park.

    Since its inception, the ZMCPA and its partners have successfully created, erected and driven economic development in Muskingum County. The three existing business parks were led directly by efforts of the Port Authority, its Board of Directors, the County Commissioners, the Mayor and Council of the City of Zanesville and various Township Trustees. The three existing business parks include the Airport Business Park, Eastpointe Business Park, and the Northpointe Business Park. Total employment among the three parks exceeds 4,500 workers.

    The Board of Directors and local elected officials recognize that investment must take place in order to continue to move Muskingum County forward. The National Road Business Park will provide an excellent opportunity to enhance the economic climate, and provide Muskingum County with a competitive edge to add new business locally.

    For site selector information about the National Road Business Park, click here.

  • On Monday May 21, 2018, JD Equipment held a ground-breaking ceremony for the $2.2 million dollar
    expansion of their Zanesville location. The finished expansion will cover 9 acres along with a
    25,000 square foot building, and add 5 – 6 new jobs. The estimated completion date will be late summer/fall of 2018.

    This investment will expand the Service Department allowing JD Equipment to better service their

  • The Muskingum County Transportation Improvement District (TID) has earned the Auditor of State’s Award for a clean audit report.

    The award is presented to local governments and school districts for filing timely audit reports without any findings for recovery, material citations, material weaknesses, significant deficiencies, single audit findings, questioned costs or other discrepancies.

    The TID was formed in November 1995 for the purpose of coordinating and financing transportation infrastructure improvement programs, particularly road construction projects. The Muskingum County TID has worked closely with ODOT to secure grant funding for numerous projects over the past 23 years. 

2017 Stories

  • Executive Director Matt Abbott sat down with WHIZ to recap the events of 2017. The Zanesville-Muskingum County Port Authority has been working with local business for years now and 2017 has been one of the most successful. The area is seeing close to record low unemployment rates; a year ago the unemployment rate was around 6.0% and now it’s down to 4.7%.

    “The goods and services produced here in the county, we’ve seen an uptick of 4.8% and the value of those goods and services produced has also increased, so that’s another positive sign. All of our distribution centers, which we have multiple continuing to actively hire. They’ve increased their starting wages and done a lot of increases throughout,” said Abbott.

    Abbott said with this year going so well, it sets up the area for success in 2018. He said it’s important for the area to continue on the good foundation the area has.

    “We have a pretty solid foundation. We have a footprint of nine fortune 500 companies in Muskingum County. Which is very positive for our outlook. So it’s a destination and a good place to do business. It’s a proven location. You’ve seen recent announcements with Kenworth and Peterbilt in the trucking industries,” said Abbott.

    Abbott said the Port Authority is currently working with four local companies who are looking to expand, which will create more jobs. He said things are looking positive for the future.

  • Peterbilt will be locating in the former Axion Builing, located on All-American Way, and will occupy 18,000 square feet of the building for maintenance and repair. They will also be using the parking lot as a showcase for new trucks. Peterbilt will offer mechanical repairs and maintenance as well as new truck sales at the All American Way location, according to the company’s public relations manager Nicholas Smith. The east end of the building will house a Peterbilt brand retail store.
    Hissong Kenworth began operating TRP Zanesville as a parts and service center in the Eastpointe Business Park in December. The 7,000 square foot facility currently has eight employees, but plans to expand.
    Additionally, Hissong Kenworth has purchased 25 acres of land on Boggs Road and will be breaking ground on a Kenworth dealership after the first of the year. They will offer a large selection of new and used road tractors, semi trucks, dump trucks, box trucks, flatbed trucks, sleeper trucks, and tractor trailers.
  • The Port Authority received a $158,000 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) to assist with resurfacing 1.3 miles of roadway throughout the Airport Business Park. This critical infrastructure improvement was completed with support from the Muskingum County Commissioners and the Muskingum County Engineer’s Office.
    Airpark Drive is the main artery into the park and traffic has increased to over 50 trucks per day, in addition to the over 1,000 employees working in the park. The newly paved road creates a safe route for all that drive into the park on a daily basis.
  • The new Bethesda Drive extension was officially dedicated on October 31 with a ribbon cutting. This new road will provide direct access for ambulances to the Genesis Healthcare System Emergency department, allowing for better patient care and also relieving congestion at the main entrance to the hospital. The road extension allows emergency vehicles to exit Maple at Bethesda Drive. The road is closed to the public and will allow EMS to avoid traffic in route to Genesis. Al Burns, the COO at Genesis, says it’s important for emergency vehicles to be able to get to the hospital as fast, and as safe,  as possible.